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cervical distraction - Copyright – Stock Photo / Register Mark

Two for One: The Cervical Distraction Test

By Douglas R. Briggs, DC, Dipl. Ac. (IAMA), DAAPM

In today's healthcare system, diagnoses and treatment plans follow a western medical model - especially if you work with attorneys or insurance companies. It is expected that you show objective clinical findings – often pulse or meridian diagnoses are considered subjective...

Environmental Toxins: Cause of Modern Illness, Part 2

By Jake Paul Fratkin, OMD, LAc

In Part I of this article, we detailed the variety of environmental toxins assaulting our bodies. These include pesticides and herbicides (glyphosate); plastics (polychlorinated biphenyls, bisphenol A,...


Acupuncture and its Place in the Integrative Healthcare Practice: The Need to Move from Modality to Profession

By Alan Uretz, Phd, LAc and Jeannette Hoyt

Acupuncture and oriental medicine (AOM) has grown and flourished from its inception thousands of years ago in China. In surrounding regions of Asia, AOM developed as a response to differing cultural,...

The Conscious Evolution of Healing: Importance of Opening the Sensory Portals in Classical Chinese Medicine

By Nicholas Sieben, LAc

The Chinese medical classics are not just clinical guides. They give advice; ways we can awaken more fully into conscious awareness. Chapter 1 of the Su Wen speaks of the, "people of high antiquity" and their...

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