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Treating Animals with Acupuncture: A Growing Trend
– sponsored by Maryland University of Integrative Health
Air Date: January 8, 2015
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The Acupuncture Now Foundation: What Our Profession Needs

By Matthew Bauer, LAc

Although acupuncture is growing in popularity it continues to be underutilized due to misunderstandings about its true potential. Only a fraction of those who could be helped by acupuncture know enough to seek it out. The roots of these misunderstandings run deep and...

Inspire Your Patients to Make Healthy Choices

By Elizabete Gomes, LAc, RN, ACN

Have you tried to get your patients to change their eating habits or their diet and couldn't get them to succeed? Were they confused and unsure of what the right thing was to eat? You are not alone! Most...


Introduce Your Patients to Collagen Induction Therapy

By Shellie Goldstein, MS, LAc (NY), PA (FL)

Cutaneous (skin) aging generally occurs from either intrinsic or extrinsic processes. Intrinsic aging results from natural skin tissue damage and degeneration. In humans, intrinsic aging is primarily...

Peer Points: Promoting TCM Knowledge

Stories of Practice Success

By Brenda Duran

When Elaine Wolf Komarow, LAc, received her first acupuncture treatment in 1989, she said it changed her life. "I felt more aware, calmer, and happier. I was so fascinated by the changes that I began to learn...

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